Raeon International is an established project marketing company with offices around the world

We specialize in new project marketing, property investment and management. Our success is largely based on our team who are all incredibly talented, and committed to our clients.


We work with accountants who will be able to answer any tax queries you have and provide solutions on how to structure and make the most of your investment.

There are tax regulations that everyone needs to be aware of when deriving an income from property. We can refer you to professional chartered accountants that speak your language to ensure you are meeting all your tax obligations and are receiving all your tax benefits.

Qualified quantity surveyors will also be able to advise on how to claim the maximum depreciation deductions. We also work with a range of fully qualified quantity surveyors for depreciation schedules that can significantly reduce your taxable income.

The investment property expenses incurred are deductible for taxation purposes and here is a short summary of common items that you can claim as a deduction:

  • Interest on your investment property loan;
  • Property rates and land tax;
  • Body Corporate fees;
  • Landlord insurance premiums;
  • Property Management fees;
  • Sundry expenses e.g. bank charges and general property maintenance;
  • Depreciation;